The Dinar and Dirham Coins Launch by Ummah Bullion Mint on 2014, Feb 02
The Dinar and Dirham Coins Launch by Ummah Bullion Mint on 2014, Feb 02


As a member of the Shariah Advisory Board of Ummah Bullion Mint, Mufti Kalid Saifullah Rahamni is supporting in reviving the RIBA FREE Shariah Money, the Gold Dinar and the Silver Dihram. Mufti Kalid Saifullah Rahamni is the General Secretary, Islamic Fiqh Academy India and a Member of International Islamic Fiqh Academy Mecca. K.S.A.

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Riba in Arabic means usury, interest and also unjust gains in trade or business, generally through exploitation. Commodity exchanges in unequal quantities, prohibited in the Sunnah. Riba is forbidden in Islam, just like it was in the medieval Christian world.

The principles

Knowledge: Quran and Sunnah

God said: “Indeed it is only the knowledgeable among His servants who truly fear Allah.” (35:28)

The Last Prophet said: “Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim.”

And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good ye send forth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with Allah. for Allah sees Well all that ye do. Surat Al-Baqarah [2:110]

Salaam Trust is a charitable organization, working to sustainably better the condition of the Muslim to serve and enrich the Ummah by organizing its resource collected through Sadkha and Zakah. We hope to direct the resources to nurture continual development of the Muslim.

The Goal of Salaam Trust for the Muslim and the Ummah is to live in a better world; one of peace and not of war; one of knowledge and understanding, rather than ignorance and fear; one of mercy and compassion and not intolerance and violence; a world of hope and harmony.

Salaam Trust depends on your Sadkha / Zakah for its Community Devolopment Programs , but we dont just want your money we also want your time, involment and Duas.

We need a paradigm shift in the way Muslims look at charity. We give more money in charity than any other community but there in nothing to show for it. This is because we are emotional with our Charity. In the bargain we are useing our Sadkha and Zakah to sustain poverty rather then eradicating it.

Our Game Plan is to Eradicate Poverty. To achive our Target click here to know more

Lets work together to bring about the change.

Our Ongoing Projects
Setting up of
Collection of Sadakah and Zakath
Wheat Distribution under Zakath Account
Ramadan Ration Distribution Program
School Fees for Special Needs Children

Our Proposed Projects
Feed The Hungery (500 heads per Day target)
Establishment of a Special Needs School
Establishments of Community Devolopment Centers
Establishment of Self Employment Projects

and we are open to your suggetions....

Money mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah are as follows: Gold Dinar, Silver Dirham, Wheat, Barley, Dates, Salt.

Sunnah Money had intrinsic value; could store value over a period of time; was used as a medium of payment as money and not as a commodity of barter.

Dar al Islam was the super power which built its vast empire, trade and commerce and administration on this money. Dar al Islam had traded throughout the world using this money. Dar al Islam markets where true free markets which used Sunnah money as mediums of exchange.

The Muslims are proud citizens of this Great Nation. The Muslim has walked hand in hand in India emerging as a New Super Power. These contribution are on record for all to see. As true as this statement is, the large majority of the Muslims of India are deprived of this success. It’s a shameful fact; Muslims of this country are worse off than the Dalits and OBC today.

Why has this happened? A look at India’s linguistic, caste and religious diversity is where answer is. The Indian is united on the Macro level on the strength of its Micro level religious and caste alliances. This has clearly been shown by the success of the linguistic, caste, and religious based parties. This idea of if you take care of your own then the rest takes care by its self is surely true in India. The Muslim has been used as a ‘vote bank’ that is conveniently forgotten after the elections, by the so called ‘secular’ parties of India.

Over the decades the caste and linguistic based parties have considerably improved the standing, where Muslims haven’t progressed. This needs to end. Salaam India is the national platform of the Ummah by the Ummah for the Ummah. Unite and be the Ummath that leads the Nation.

Islamic Democracy refers to a Political Ideology that seeks to apply Islamic Principles (Shariyah) to form the Public Policy within a Democratic Framework. We at Salaam India give the Muslims and the citizens of India a relevant Political Platform to unite organise and form our political ranks.

Our Leaders will be nominated by the Masjids.
Our Leaders will be appointed by the Salaam Shurah Council.
Our Leaders will be chosen for their contribution to Humanity.
Our Leaders will lead us in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.
Our Leaders will follow the bylaws of Salaam India which ensures working within Democratic Process following the Law of the Land at all times.

Our Political Alliances will be Accountable to Benefit the Ummah. Our Vision securing 75% votes in Parliament to Establish Shariya.

Upcoming Events
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Support Salaam India in reaching out to the economically and socially backward sections of the Indian Muslim society by providing quality Education and Healthcare, please connect with us on

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If you wish to support Salaam India in reaching out to the economically and socially backward sections of the Indian Muslim society by providing quality Education and Healthcare, please send in your donations as per the details given below.
If you are an Indian citizen residing in India or living abroad and wish to donate, funds can be transferred directly through Wire Transfer to our bank account, as per the details provided below.

1. Beneficiary’s Name: SALAAM TRUST
2. Account Number of Beneficiary: 0411306135
3. Name & Address of Beneficiary’s Banker: Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd., No 4, M-411, S.K.L.N.S. Complex,3rd Block, Kammanahalli, Bangalore – 560043,Karnataka, India.
4. Swift Code: KKBKINBBXXX
5. IFSC Code: KKBK0000432

After effecting the remittance, kindly send an email to giving the details of your payment.

Volunteering Opportunities

Fundraising Managers
Salaam Trust is looking for a creative and energetic Fundraising Managers with a wide ranging proven record in every city of India. We want someone passionate about the betterment of our ummah, and someone familiar with the required knowledge of the Muslim community in their area of operations.

Salaam Trust is looking for enthusiastic, friendly and Reliable Volunteers to develop local awareness of the charity, sourcing prizes from local businesses, distributing collection boxes, leaflets and assisting with local events.

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